Professional Contributors

  • Anna Van Dyk

    Lifestyle Writer

    Anna is a South African-born writer who lives and works in London. Her non-fiction has been featured in publications such as Table Magazine and In Clover Magazine, and her short fiction has been published in the South African publication, Everyday Journal. In addition, she currently writes for the Literary Review and runs a personal newsletter, "No Worries If Not".

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  • Edward James

    Hairdresser and Salon Owner

    From styling the tresses of luminaries such as Joanna Lumley, Cara Delevingne, prime time TV presenters and members of the royal family, to collaborations with Stella McCartney, Chanel and Tom Ford– Ed James has spent 25 years perfecting the art of good hair. His passion, commitment, expert knowledge and artistic eye has made him one of the UK’s most heralded and sought-after colourists and stylists.

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  • Jade Tinker

    Nutritionist and Hair Specialist

    Jade is a qualified nutritional therapist and hair specialist. She believes healthy hair starts on the inside. Being in the hairdressing industry for 24 years gives her mastery in terms of knowing exactly how to get to the bottom of haircare concerns.You can find her on the salon floor in Northolt at Aura Hair London.She is also one of the founders of Soul Vista Lifestyle, a health and wellbeing company where she consults online.

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