If your zodiac sign was a hairstyle

If your zodiac sign was a hairstyle

If your zodiac sign was a hairstyle

You might have heard of a horoscope, but have you heard of a hairoscope? Here are our predictions for the perfect haircut and style for every sign in the zodiac.



Half goat, half fish, Capricorns exist between the earth and sea. They occupy both the emotional and material worlds, allowing them to shift easily between matters of the head and heart. This makes them patient, practical, preserving and dedicated, and for that, a no-nonsense, changeable haircut is the answer. Enter the jawline bob that can be worn sleek and sexy, or wavy and playful, depending on the Capricorn’s mood.


Zodiac celebrity inspo: Michelle Obama, Nina Dobrev



Bold and ambitious, Aries is the fearless go-getter of the Zodiac. They dive ram-horns first into even the most challenging situation, and somehow always manage to come out on top. For a sign this fiery, only the edgiest haircut will do. A peroxide blonde cut a la Kristen Stewart it is, then.


Zodiac celebrity inspo: Kristen Stewart



Taurus season is looked forward to by everyone for a reason: it is characterised by slow living, indulgence and pampering. Taureans are sensual creatures who adore decadence in all its forms. Give them gentle soundscapes, moreish meals and soft surroundings, and they will be as near heaven as possible. Without a doubt, Taurus would have romantic, tumbling, voluminous curls that are every bit the fairytale they believe themselves to live in.


Zodiac celebrity inspo: Adele, Rosario Dawson



Libra is an air sign represented by scales, and this perfectly sums up the sign’s character. Obsessed with equilibrium in every part of their life, Libra seeks to find harmony and justice at any opportunity. It only seems right, then, that we allow it a perfectly balanced up-do of dual French braided pigtails.


Zodiac celebrity inspo: Bella Hadid



We love a Pisces. They are sensitive and emotional, and everyone’s favourite shoulder to cry on. Their wisdom and gentleness is a soft comfort in a fast-moving world, and their compassion makes it a kinder place. Wispy, 70s fringes and long, layered textures reflect this sign perfectly.


Zodiac celebrity inspo:  Rihanna, Eva Longoria



Emotionally intelligent and exceptionally intuitive, Cancer is the watery enigma of the zodiac. They tend to feel deeply and guard their inner worlds closely. However, bounds of tenderness await those who crack their outer shells. We think this elusive sign would be a sleek shoulder-length cut, framed with gentle curtain bangs. The perfect expression of a hardened exterior and a gentle interior world.


Zodiac celebrity inspo: Meryl Streep



Roll out the red carpet because Leo has arrived. Passionate, dramatic, beautiful and dynamic, Leos are everyone’s favourite party addition and often the centre of attention. For a character this big, only the largest hairstyle will do. We’re talking big, bouncing curls, perms and afros that take up space and extend the oodles of energy that Leo possesses.


Zodiac celebrity inspo: Jennifer Lopez, Viola Davis



Aquarius is symbolised by the water bearer, the mystic healer who gives life to the land. Confusingly, though, this is not a water but an air sign, and its characteristics of innovation, progression and a commitment to positive social change are a result of that. Aquarians are often humanitarians who care deeply about the people and planet. For this, a fuss-free hairstyle that is as close to natural and untouched as possible would be this sign’s best look.


Zodiac celebrity inspo: Jennifer Aniston, Alicia Keys



Scorpios tend to be guarded and secretive, which often leads them to be misunderstood as unfriendly or aloof. In fact, they are incredibly loyal and fiercely protective of the people they love and are often processing the world in magnificent detail in their own manner. For a sign this elusive, we think a romantic, deep side-parting and gentle waves would suit their alluring exterior and gentle nature within.


Zodiac celebrity inspo: Anne Hathaway, Scarlett Johansson



Whatever Sag wants, Sag gets. With loads of enthusiasm and an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Sagittariuses continue to chase their pursuits like an arrow bounding through the air at breakneck speed. This centaur archer would need a fiery cut to suit its fiery nature, and for that, we think an edgy pixie cut would be a go-to look.


Zodiac celebrity inspo: Miley Cyrus, Zoë Kravitz



If you want something done, get a Virgo to do it. Practical, logical and methodical, Virgos are perfectionists in everything they do and are constantly looking for ways to improve the world they live in. A chic low bun would suit their systemic mindset and hardworking demeanour.


Zodiac celebrity inspo: Blake Lively, Beyoncé



The celestial twins of the zodiac, Geminis are erratic, whirling bundles of energy that are as playful as they are curious. They are spontaneous and constantly have a million projects on the go. To reflect their high-paced yet playful nature, we reckon a fresh, sleek ponytail would be right up Gemini’s alley.


Zodiac celebrity inspo: Naomi Campbell, Zoe Saldana