How to get the haircut you really want

How to get the haircut you really want

How to get the haircut you really want

It is a truth universally acknowledged that one feels at their very best upon leaving the hair salon.

You arrive reserved, small, flat, and leave feeling as though the world is brighter. For years, I have held onto this fact as a cure for multiple maladies, and it has never failed to pull me out of critical slumps or to boost my self-confidence after horrible misdemeanours. I remember once going through a bad break-up and naturally booking myself in for a haircut as quickly as possible. My hairdresser announced on my arrival that I needed to “get rid of all the hair he had run his hands through”, and cut off my long locks into a cropped bob. I felt like a new woman, healed and nourished after a mere few hours. The power of a new hairdo to uplift and revive is undisputed.

The magic of a visit to the hair salon is not only the result of a good haircut. Of course, that’s a vital part of the process, but it’s only made complete by all the supporting acts that a hair salon offers: it’s the cup of coffee as you sit down, the new Vogue you flip through, the massage and scents, and shared conversations. The haircut is just one part of process.

However, no matter how good the experience, the haircut is still the dealmaker or deal-breaker. When I go to a new salon for the first time, this is how I ensure I get the haircut I really want: 

Do your research beforehand: If it’s your first visit to a salon, spend some time finding the right stylist for you. Depending on your hair texture and length, different stylists will be able to meet your needs better than others. Book the person you trust can do the job for you.

Take visuals with you: Whether you have a specific idea in mind, or a looser direction to request, visuals are the best way of ensuring you will get the cut you are after. This is especially important for short chops.

Voice your thoughts: Your stylist wants you to leave happy. If they make suggestions in the consultation that don't sit well with you, communicate this. Likewise, be direct and confident with what you want – unclear requests deliver disappointing results.

Trust the professional: As much as we all want to believe that we can pull off bangs, the reality is sometimes otherwise. Trust in the guidance of your professional to steer you in the right direction.

Don’t panic: On more than one occasion, I have left a salon in despair over my new look (especially when it has been more on the drastic side). More often than not, however, I grow to love it after a few hours. Let your new hair sink in before vowing to never leave the house until it grows out.

Aftercare is everything: Keep that salon glow going by investing in good products that protect and nourish your hair. It’s the best way to make a good hair day last until your next appointment is due. I love the Aveda range for results-driven, vegan haircare.