Feel Youthful, Look Gorgeous

Feel Youthful, Look Gorgeous

Feel Youthful, Look Gorgeous

Almost every woman in the world has been sold the myth that ageing is terrifying and must be avoided at all costs. Beauty creams and serums that promise the elixir of life are crammed into magazines and TV ads, with most of them costing a small fortune. Multivitamins and anti-ageing potions that guarantee eternal youth almost always seem to disappoint. It is, at the best of times, an overwhelming and exhausting world to navigate. But what many people underestimate is the power of a hairstyle to inject youthful energy back into your step whilst allowing you to age gracefully and naturally. The trick is to feel more youthful, not avoid the privilege of having more of life to live. You can look gorgeous without needing to be anything other than your age and, in our opinion, embracing your look in every era always makes for the most glowing, captivating people. Here are six hairstyles that will help you achieve just this:

Long, Wispy Bangs: Bring a touch of that 1970s Californian beach style to your look with carefree, textured bangs that frame the face in a youthful manner. Go for cheekbone length to highlight the natural contours of your face and draw the eye to your smile.

Playful Highlights: Subtle highlights can effortlessly bring radiance and warmth without trying too hard. A few well-placed tones are all it takes. Be sure to speak to an expert to find the perfect tones to elevate your natural colour.

The French Bob: The look of the summer was the French bob and, thankfully, it transitions wonderfully into the autumn. Chic and timeless, this look is perfect for most ages and can be worn sleek or tousled. Pair with a bold lip and cat-eye, and prepare to turn heads.

The Pixie Cut: Arguably not a look for all, but those who dare try it are usually suitably surprised by the energy this short cut can inject into your step. Whether ultra-short or shaggy and longer, this haircut is feminine and quirky with endless opportunities for reinvention. Make sure you get shown some styling tricks for effortless daily wear and care.

Loose Waves: If you’re keeping your hair longer, loose waves bring a fresh feel to tired tresses. Keep your locks looking radiant and healthy with regular, deep-hydrating hair masks and create texture with a leave-in salt spray for that year-round beach aesthetic. Our favourite products to recreate this look at home are Oribe's gorgeously scented Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray (£41 for 300ml) or Shu Uemura's sultry and sexy Kaze Wave Curl Mousse(£21.80 for 150ml). For a more affordable option try Redken's Fashion Waves 07 Sea Salt Spray (£18.50 for 250ml).

Accessories Are Everything: Alice bands and hairclips are not just for teenagers! Mix up your look by playing with different colours, textures and tones. A silk scarf tied around a loose bun creates instant St Tropez-esque glamour. A glitzy hairpin nestled into a deep side parting oozes class. We love a well-worn summer hat or beret for the winter. Invest in one or two items and don’t be afraid to play with bold colours and fun patterns.